Control by doing nothing that goes against nature, which is proposed by
Lier, commonly known as Lao tze, who is a philosopher in the Spring and
Autumn Period and the creator of Chinese distinguished school of Taoist.


Its ideology is based on obeying natural rules and respecting objective
facts, as a progress and state to achieve governance. Almost people
usually consider it as inaction, namely do nothing at willing. From my
individual perspective, this conclusion is incorrect.


Lao tze, the founder of Taoism also give an abstract answer by a story
in order to express this theory――“a glass filled with water cannot add
water to it, while a empty glass is able to add water again.”


This story tell us if we satisfy ourselves situation, we will not be
persistently growth, in a similar way, if the leading of country meet
the management level, the society will not be developed.



On the contrary, if we are very modest,our mind and heart will increase
others kinds of acknowledge, the ability also promote rapidly, in the
regard of country, the primary doesn’t meet the social current
situation, the country also has the space of expanding, and society will
make a great progress.


Why I make an illumination via choosing the theory as my theme, I yet
have been read various famous works about management of western
countries. Such as the effective managers, the management, the new
public management and so on, as well as the advanced theory from
Frederick Winslow Taylor called The Father of Scientific Management and
Peter F. Drucker known as The Father of Modern Management.


Undoubtedly, they are do very excellent,nevertheless, I discover
gradually that when we keep pursuing learning western theory, we also
forget and neglect little by little first-class works of our own


Consider two examples:The Analects of Confucius,which could cultivate
perfect individual attainment,the other one is the Tao The King,which
reflect peace-oriented contact ways.


As far as I’m concerned, these famous works indicate the highest realm
for studying management. It not only can apply to daily life and
self-cultivation,but be appropriate for the aspects of policy and


In other words, the small fields include in the individuals while the
big affairs involve in the country. Comparing with the western
management theory――the famed Hawthorne experiment, which have a
significant discovery that the conscious individuals who are observing
by others have the tendency to change their behaviors.


This theory is really useful to research management. But It’s just
suitable for corporate management. As a result, in fact, the varieties
of management ideology and literature works of china are more worthy of
learning and exploration to us,


we should absorb and inherit the outstanding doctrines as well as fine
tradition of our country by combining the eastern thought essence with
the western theoretical academy while we acquire the management ideology
of western.

                                 June 12th, 2016